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Tempus Fugit

November 15, 2008

Well, comrades, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve looked at much less updated this blog.  Needless to say, the result of the election was a relief – albiet a small one.  Don’t get me wrong – I voted for Obama, and I hope that he’ll be an excellent president.  Certainly, he is eminently qualified by background and temperament to be up to the task. The fear, as always with Democratic presidents, is whether or not they will be able to deliver on even half of what they outline in their platforms.  And, of course, Obama has outlined very little of substance as it is.

Already, we’re seeing pressures from the corporate media to warn Obama off of any attempts at basic reform.  And, if the recent appointment of Rahm Emanuel to be White House Chief of Staff, and the floated possibilities of Rubin or Summers for Treasury are any indication, the Obama campaign is already in full Clintonian triangulation mode.  This does not bode well.

I’ll reserve some judgement for the time being, but I’m beginning to fear that Obama is too compromised by his ties to the DLC, Wall Street, and perhaps even closet neocons within the Democratic Party aparatus.