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Ça ira ?

February 26, 2008

OK – so I have really neglected this blog. And now the Florida primary, and Super Tuesday, and the Potomac primaries, and Wisconsin are all over. And Hillary’s campaign seems to be sinking under the weight of its own contradictions. Rudy and his temple of doom are a distant memory, and will probably only reprise in allegorical form in some future episode of Law and Order. Improbably, though, Mike Huckabee is still soldiering on – clearly with the intent of putting the fear of Jesus into the RNC right up to the nominating convention.

Yet, who could have predicted that McCain would rise, Reagan-like, from the dead to pull the GOP’s political chestnuts out of the fire? It seems that McCain was the only remaining hope for the Repubs, given that Mitt Romney had so little popular appeal outside of the party’s narrow corporate-fascist base. It is stunning, actually, that Romney did as well as he did, given that his uptightness and inauthenticity are so glaring that he makes Al Gore look like Hunter S. Thompson by comparison.

And now that it looks like Obama has the Democratic nomination all but sewn up – barring a revolt by super-delegates and a brokered convention – the right wing is regaining its footing and is sharpening the knives in preparation to give this glib champion of the pwogs a grand old filleting. Already we’re seeing photos of Barak in East African garb brokered by Matt Drudge. I think we can all see where this is going.

So, what can we expect over the course of the next six months? The establishment media seem very pleased with the outcome so far – they’ve been able to stimulate popular interest in an otherwise moribund and undemocratic process that is essentially a corporate funded cattle call. This certainly is good for their advertising revenues, and allows the MSM to re-brand the electoral process itself by means of a lot of fatuous rhetoric about ‘change’. I’d look for McCain to be anointed as the new “gipper” while Obama ultimately goes down as sacrificial lamb to the fear and paranoia of an increasingly delusional country.

The only really interesting development in recent days, to my mind, has been Ralph Nader’s announcement that he will mount an independent bid. Of course, this will dredge up bitter memories on the part of bone-headed Democratic party stalwarts, who remain convinced that it was somehow Ralph’s ‘spoiler’ status rather than Republican perfidy and Gore’s cowardly passivity that handed the 2000 election to Shrub.

Nevertheless, Nader will probably be the only one raising substantive issues between now and November. For an excellent exploration of these issues, see Joshua Holland’s recent piece on AlterNet.