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Theory on library blogs

October 3, 2007

The first thread that I want to pick up on the relaunch of this blog is the issue of theory – social, cultural, critical – on library blogs. I’m on the lookout for thoughtful commentary and good links in this regard.

 The first that I’ll mention is the theory thread on Library Juice, which recently provided a link to an article in New Left Review by Regis Debray that considered the decline of socialism and socialist political culture in terms of the decline of print culture. A very interesting essay – especially in light of the concept of print-capitalism explored in the work of Benedict Anderson (although Debray doesn’t cite him in this particular article).

Also worthy of mention – at Library Thing, you’ll find a treasure trove of works tagged under cultural theory, as well as a set of related tags for cultural studies, critical theory, anthropology, sociology, etc. Check them out.