About Habitus

I’m an academic worker of a certain age, an intellectual proletarian and citizen of the American empire.

This blog began in 2007 as a practical learning project for me – it was part of a project for a graduate seminar in Human Rights and Librarianship. Since that time, however, I’ve moved on to other professional projects, but I still maintain the blog as a venue mainly for political commentary.

Habitus, of course, comes from the Latin for condition, or character. It also has a medical meaning as in one’s particular body type or constitution.

In sociology and cultural studies, however, habitus refers to cultural forms or practices that are embedded in the everyday lives of individuals and societies. The concept has been elaborated to describe the interaction between social actors and the larger field of social forces, structures, and conditions.

I have chosen this name for the site, because I find it apt to the situation that most of us find ourselves in – especially in a time of rapid social and technological change.


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