Critical Theory and LIS

In my search for articles linking librarianship or library and information science (LIS) with critical theory, I’ve come across very little. What this search has illuminated, however, is that a relative dearth of scholarship in this area may also represent opportunities to expand the theoretical scope of LIS beyond its traditional foundations. Clearly, there is room for further research in this area.


A couple of recent articles that I have found serve to highlight the intellectual potential of critical theory in connexion with LIS. The first, which is linked here, is published in Information Research, a peer-reviewed online journal that published interdisciplinary information-related articles. The second, which is attached, was published in a surprisingly interesting education journal, Policy Futures in Education.


Critical Theory and Information Studies


In my opinion, the first article is the least appealing and the least well written, rambling on for over 5,000 words to make arguments that probably could have been addressed in much less space. The second article is better organised, less ambitious in scope, and makes its points about the potential for critical theoretical intervention in LIS much more effectively.

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